Julie Cooper

Put a little love in your heart

A new addition to the family always shakes things up a bit, and this year has certainly been rough in patches at our house. Read more | Add your comment

Late-night team is crucial to all

Somewhere after number 728, I gained a whole new respect for the process that takes my words to your doorstep. Read more | Add your comment

Found your Christmas cheer yet?

We’ve thrown out our old Santa tracking equipment here at the newspaper. It’s simply not needed anymore. Read more | Add your comment

Here is some expert relationship advice

Come in, Natchez. Have a seat on the couch. Lie down if you’d like. Tissue is on the end table if you need it. Read more | Add your comment

Grant a wish this holiday season

Hundreds of local residents hope you’ll cut into the turkey and crack open the checkbook this week. Read more | Add your comment

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