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Julie Cooper

Put a little love in your heart

A new addition to the family always shakes things up a bit, and this year has certainly been rough in patches at our house. Read more | 2 comments

Late-night team is crucial to all

Somewhere after number 728, I gained a whole new respect for the process that takes my words to your doorstep. Read more | 1 comment

Found your Christmas cheer yet?

We’ve thrown out our old Santa tracking equipment here at the newspaper. It’s simply not needed anymore. Read more | 1 comment

Here is some expert relationship advice

Come in, Natchez. Have a seat on the couch. Lie down if you’d like. Tissue is on the end table if you need it. Read more | 1 comment

Grant a wish this holiday season

Hundreds of local residents hope you’ll cut into the turkey and crack open the checkbook this week. Read more | 1 comment

Send cheer around the world this year

Sears doesn’t bother sending its annual Christmas wish book to most of the world. Read more | 1 comment

Are initiatives an indicator of future government?

Up until recently, most everyone agreed that people are most influenced, energized and attracted to other people, not to things. Read more | 17 comments

We’ve got what you need to know

It’s time we were up front with each other. All of you need information to make life run more smoothly and be more enjoyable. Read more | 1 comment

Can we prove perception wrong?

It only took two meetings for a newly formed group of community members to stumble upon a key difference of opinions about our local public ... Read more | 11 comments

Redistricting is a smelly process

At some point during adulthood most of us realize just how interwoven into our lives politics truly are. And even though our elders may have ... Read more | 7 comments

Young folks today … who understands?

The answers to two important questions may just tell me all I need to know about you. Read more | 3 comments

Colonial solutions may aid today’s woes

Duncan Park neighbors have married the anti-social media that modern technology has birthed and the closeness required in colonial times. Read more | 1 comment

School answer will be draped in stick-to-itiveness

Tension had a seat at the table Monday night; it seemed nearly every invited guest had brought it along for the show. Read more | 11 comments

City must address needs at NPD

A nightmare spanning nearly two and a half years, and, hopefully, costing at least a few City of Natchez employees some sleep has finally ended. Read more | 2 comments

Sept. 11 seems so close, yet so far

It seems unfathomable to me that anyone might not remember Sept. 11, 2001. Read more | 1 comment

It’s good to be out of the eye of the storm

It sure was nice to be cool and dry this weekend. Read more | 1 comment

Remember rolling down car windows?

I’m old. And that doesn’t bode well for most of you. Read more | 8 comments

Wonder what will pass by us next?

If I ever decide to travel the length of the Natchez Trace for the adventure of it, I think I’ll do so on a Segway. Read more | 1 comment

Pearson was a world changer

Sometimes you don’t realize how much of a difference one person can make in the world until you see someone else doing it better than ... Read more

Candidates should know to shop locally

Freedom has its consequences, just like everything else in life. Read more | 5 comments

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