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Making texts public records aids openness

The Mississippi Ethics Commission struck a blow for government transparency last week by ruling text messages of public officials are public records. Read more | Add your comment

Corps should finish job on Natchez bank

Give Butch Brown some credit; he doesn’t give up easily. Approximately 20 years after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began a project to restore ... Read more | Add your comment

Slow process needed to fix gas pipeline mess

Rarely does the slow, prodding pace of the federal government prove useful, but last week we saw one of those rare exceptions. Read more | Add your comment

Recycling efforts are worth the bet

If focusing on recycling is a poker game, Southwest Mississippi is about to go “all in” betting on success. Read more | Add your comment

No shortage of good news in Miss-Lou

The end of Spring Pilgrimage last week didn’t mean the end of good news in our community. Read more | Add your comment

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