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Miss-Lou is back in game for new industry

On the surface the news was devastating. Natchez missed landing a more than $1 billion investment from a Chinese paper manufacturer. Earlier this week a ... Read more

City allows tourism quagmire to continue

Clearly three aldermen and the mayor seem to think they know better than everyone else in the room. That’s about the only conclusion we can ... Read more

Do vehicles need sheriff’s monogram?

One look in the mirror confirms for us that we’re far from fashion experts. That said, we know what looks sharp when we see it. Read more

Billboard freeze smart move by city

Natchez aldermen are smart to put the brakes on further billboard construction in the City of Natchez until the issue can be fully discussed. Read more

Area has much to be proud of last week

From the celebration of one of our area’s national treasures to the inauguration of a festival residents hope will become a treasured event for years ... Read more

Lawmakers failed to act on key issues

The Mississippi Legislature officially ended its 2016 regular session last week. Read more

Court fines need to be collected

Years after the latest debate started, why is it that Adams County leaders are still squabbling over how to properly handle fine collections in justice ... Read more

Ambulance discussion about service

Adams County supervisors are facing a tough decision ahead over how to improve the area’s ambulance service. Read more

Board of Aldermen needs time to make CVB decisions

Today, Natchez aldermen are expected to meet to discuss nominations to the Natchez Convention Promotion Commission, formerly known as the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Read more

Candidates need to make financial oath to voters

City voters will head to the polls in less than one month to select a new mayor and vote for five of the six city ... Read more

Smiles mark week of good news

Summing up how important a smile is in our everyday lives is difficult to quantify. Read more

Strong mayor should unify aldermen

As Natchez municipal elections draw near, today we continue a series of articles aimed and giving voters a better understanding of the three men vying ... Read more

More info needed on legal fees for Vidalia mayor

Just when the citizens of Vidalia believed the Square on Carter saga was finally over, the city checked the mail and realized the bill arrived. Read more

Mayor needs to apologize for rudeness

Mayor Butch Brown needs to apologize for rude behavior exhibited Tuesday at the Natchez Board of Aldermen meeting. Read more

Voters fed up with mistrust in government

Call it a coincidence or call it a tide of disgust. Read more

Reason for recreation groundbreaking ceremony misplaced

At 2 p.m. today, a handful of our elected leaders will hold a ceremonial groundbreaking for a swimming pool and ball fields for all the ... Read more

Changes add to week of good news

The past seven days proved that Greek philosopher Heraclitus was correct — change is indeed the one constant in this world. City leaders, the Natchez-Adams ... Read more

We should act on CVB thoughtfully

A significant void has been left in Natchez’s tourism efforts recently as the city removed its director of tourism and the entire oversight board. Read more

Let’s focus on future of leadership

For a few moments this week, in Natchez and Adams County, it was almost like Donald Trump was running the show. Read more

Taking down flag was right choice

Many times, doing the right thing is unpopular. Sadly if our country’s political decisions were all put to a vote, we’d sometimes have blood in ... Read more

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