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We should act on CVB thoughtfully

A significant void has been left in Natchez’s tourism efforts recently as the city removed its director of tourism and the entire oversight board. Read more

Let’s focus on future of leadership

For a few moments this week, in Natchez and Adams County, it was almost like Donald Trump was running the show. Read more

Taking down flag was right choice

Many times, doing the right thing is unpopular. Sadly if our country’s political decisions were all put to a vote, we’d sometimes have blood in ... Read more

City leaders made right call on CVB

If leaders are like football coaches, the Natchez Board of Aldermen Tuesday appeared to call the best play possible in the ongoing grudge match at ... Read more

State litter laws need to be tougher

Hopefully, one day the whole premise of having a “Great American Cleanup” will seem unnecessary. Read more

Plenty of good to news to celebrate

From hundreds of hands helping to pick up trash to a long-overdue recognition of the sacrifices made by veterans, last week gave the Miss-Lou many ... Read more

Voters need to study candidates

Three men who are vying to become the next mayor of Natchez will be out and about in full force this month lobbying to gain ... Read more

Religious bill needs to be rethought or vetoed

Mississippi’s Legislature has lost its collective mind — and any semblance of having learned from our state’s sordid, blood-stained past. Read more

Natchez Trails help connect community

Concrete and a few signs don’t sound like much, but for Natchez’s sense of community, the combination has been amazing. Read more

Depot still worthy of discussion

A lawsuit against the City of Natchez over the city’s decision to sign a 15-year lease option with a developer to take over the former ... Read more

Why is NASD board still silent?

Anyone fearful that former Natchez Mayor Phillip West’s appointment to the Natchez-Adams School Board would be just another board appointment, doesn’t know West. Read more

Easter springs forth with good news

Last week was filled with Easter baskets and religious observances of the holiest day of the year. As we look forward to a week bursting ... Read more

Christ’s lessons still guide us

“But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they went to the tomb, taking the spices which they had prepared. Read more

County may have sound litter plan

On the surface, the plan Adams County Supervisors have devised to address illegal dumpsites across the county seems sound. Read more

Maybe state auditor is best solution

Natchez city aldermen, clearly uncomfortable delving into a hot potato issue in the middle of election season, politely punted Tuesday. Read more

County takes step in right direction with tobacco ordinance

Films from the 1940s and 1950s glamourized smoking. The messages were clear: cool people smoked; sexy people smoked; movie stars smoked. Read more

Lawmaker needs to offer apology to citizen, state

If you find yourself trying to understand the nation’s collective intense disgust for establishment politicians in the world, look no further than the snarky response ... Read more

Storms don’t keep away good news

Good morning and good Monday. Read more

County should lease, not sell IP property

Adams County Supervisors made a $9 million gamble nearly three years ago when purchasing the former International Paper site. Read more

Squabbling over CVB needs to end soon

Hopefully soon the Natchez mayor and board of aldermen can put an end to the squabbling at the Natchez Convention and Promotion Commission and the ... Read more

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