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Voters should re-elect James Lee

I would like to encourage Adams County voters to vote for and re-elect James E. Lee as our coroner. Read more | Add your comment

Natchez volunteers help with project

My name is Ava Clarke Edney. Yes, my Grannie is Lillian Clark Edney. My parents used her maiden name but added the “e.” Read more | Add your comment

Natchez man grateful for house call

When was the last time you had a doctor come to your house to check on you medically? Read more | Add your comment

Racism is more than flying a flag

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the connection between the Confederate flag and racism. Read more | Add your comment

Reward offered for return of club

The purpose of this letter to the editor is to solicit the assistance of your readers in recovering a 100-plus-year-old Billy Club that belonged to ... Read more | Add your comment

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