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Thanks, NPD, for protecting kids

On Friday, Sept. 5, I was driving north on U.S. 61 headed to a morning exercise class. It was between 8 and 8:15 a.m. There ... Read more | Add your comment

Stubbs decision part of larger issue

I read recently the account of Dr. Kenneth Stubbs getting away from overwhelming government regulations in reference to medical care and escaping from the insurance ... Read more | Add your comment

Keep up the good work, public works

Natchez has been my home for the past seven years. I have visited numerous city offices these past years, but never the Public Works Department. Read more | Add your comment

Celebrate Miss-Lou Red Ribbon Week

It may seem like a small gesture—pinning a red ribbon on your lapel for a week, wearing a red wristband, displaying a banner—but each act ... Read more | Add your comment

Even more questions arise in sale

A seemingly insignificant article concerning Natchez Regional Medical Center in the Aug. 26 edition of The Natchez Democrat titled “County rejects proposal,” stated that the ... Read more | Add your comment

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