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Get a shot to reduce your flu risk

The influenza virus — commonly known as the flu — affects up to 20 percent of Americans annually, leaving more than 200,000 people hospitalized from ... Read more | Add your comment

Recent NRMC news upsetting for all

The Sept. 13, article titled “Fate of retirement payments unknown,” with the subheading “Hospital employees told no payments made in months” came as just one ... Read more | Add your comment

Let’s show support for community

There are many issues with the (Adams County Sheriff’s Office) building as well as other aging buildings in our area. Building from scratch would be ... Read more | Add your comment

Thanks, NPD, for protecting kids

On Friday, Sept. 5, I was driving north on U.S. 61 headed to a morning exercise class. It was between 8 and 8:15 a.m. There ... Read more | Add your comment

Stubbs decision part of larger issue

I read recently the account of Dr. Kenneth Stubbs getting away from overwhelming government regulations in reference to medical care and escaping from the insurance ... Read more | Add your comment

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