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Thank you for your votes, support

As a taxpaying citizen and business owner, I have a vested interest in the welfare and well-being of this community. It takes hard work, dedication ... Read more | Add your comment

No honest debate without all facts

The headline, “Forget the facts, full speed ahead” was an apt beginning to Jason Stanford’s column, defending Planned Parenthood and its executives. Read more | Add your comment

New name sullies MLK memory

Recently there was a memorial service held at True Love Baptist Church to dedicate a portion of Dr. Martin L. King Road (MLK) to honor ... Read more | Add your comment

Buy fresh and local for a win-win for all

A big thank you to The Natchez Democrat for the very fine article about peaches that included us with our peaches. Read more | Add your comment

Respect was dilligently given

Oftentimes in life, people who go above and beyond the call of duty get overlooked. I would like to commend Charles Harrigill for his untiring ... Read more | Add your comment