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Letters to the Editor

Latest Letters to the Editor

People with mental illness need options

As a new resident of Natchez, I appreciate the efforts of Brandy Lewis, Sheriff Patten, the AKA Sorority and others who are working to promote ... Read more

Tourism commissioners returned materials

This is to address The Democrat’s article on Thursday. Read more

These times require strong leaders

“There is a tide in the affairs of men” — as is clearly evident in Natchez today. Read more

Thanks for hospitality at Euro Fest car show

As the Founder and Director of the Natchez Euro Fest Classic European Auto and Motorcycle Show, I would like to express my appreciation to the ... Read more

Thanks to Supervisor David Carter for respecting vote

Thank you David Carter for respecting the majority vote! Read more

What happened to democracy?

What happened to our democracy? Read more

New religious law not discriminatory

This letter responds to Elodie Pritchartt’s “Chicken Little” letter outlining a litany of discriminations that will flow from HB 1523, the non-discrimination, religious-liberty bill signed ... Read more

County should not have taken down the flag

Take down the flag? Read more

New law much more than LGBT issue

I really wish people would stop referring to this week’s hateful “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act” as affecting only LGBTs. Read more

What are mayor’s intentions with CVB appointments?

On Tuesday, the six aldermen of the City of Natchez have an opportunity to show that they are truly interested in the public trust with ... Read more

Respect, civility needed in discussion

Several summers ago, while I was living in New Hampshire, new residents moved into the house next to mine. These neighbors, two women, mentioned that ... Read more

State chose not to respect lottery vote

The article ‘House lawmakers push for state lottery’ placed into the forefront an issue much more significant than a state lottery, in my opinion. Read more

Flag protesters being undemocratic

Apparently the organizers of One Flag for All do not believe in the democratic process. Read more

Natchez is invited to secede to Louisiana

We cordially invite you to secede from Mississippi and join us in Louisiana. Read more

I have found allergy season solution

As we are at the peak of the pollen season, many of us are having allergies with all the symptoms. For me, I have found ... Read more

Tourism commission addresses duties, operations

In response to a number of questions, under the enabling legislation, the Natchez Convention and Promotion Commission and the City of Natchez are separate governmental ... Read more

Hospital would be boost for Vidalia

This hospital would be an alternate and service more people in the local area. Read more

Fields deserves support for mayor

Three men are running for mayor of Natchez. Read more

New ward lines could cause problems

On Saturday morning as I walked along with a group of campaign workers throughout some areas of Ward 4 distributing campaign literature and introducing myself, ... Read more

AKA Teen Summit was a success

For 108 years, the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. have responded to the world’s increasing demands. Read more

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