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‘Living With Diabetes’ open to all

Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi (EPRNM) recognizes health disparities in the community, such as diabetes and heart disease. As part of the statewide initiative, ... Read more | Add your comment

Spectrum of Light focuses in Saturday

Close your eyes for a minute and visualize the amazing colors that presently dot the Natchez area landscape. Read more | Add your comment

Passover coverage appreciated

Rod Guajardo did a beautiful article (April 9) on the Passover Sedar Supper, and Ben Hillyer’s picture of me and my sister was so special. ... Read more | Add your comment

Dimples players should stay in their lane

For the last two months, there has been so much talk about Dimples Lounge on Main Street. Read more | Add your comment

Zion Hill plans Good Friday service

Celebrating Good Friday has been an annual event at Zion Hill No. 1 Baptist Church. Each year, this event empowers us mentally and spiritually. Read more | Add your comment

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