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Letters to the Editor

Spring into Jazz Age at Elms Court

Celebrate spring by revisiting the roaring twenties and the Jazz Age from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 7 at the antebellum home Elms Court, ... Read more

Beware the Trumpeter

This essay is about our current politics– but first, a little history lesson: We all know that ancient Greece was the birthplace of democracy. But ... Read more

Be informed before you vote

From national down to local, elections are supposed to be for the people to put the most qualified person in a position. This is regardless ... Read more

Join Go Red Heart Health Walk

If you are like most people, you think heart disease is a problem for others. Read more

Vidalia should not support Square on Carter project

I share the views of The Natchez Democrat publisher regarding the Carter Street Square “project” in Vidalia. Read more

Come see special art exhibit this week

Phil Thompson, Instructor at the New Orleans School of Fine Art And Craft, will be in Natchez today through Friday conducting an oil painting ... Read more

Vidalia needs to stop spending, pay debts

I am concerned about the future of our town and I want you to be aware of why I am concerned. Our city is in ... Read more

Senate hearing cost state, taxpayers

Congratulations to Sen. Bob Dearing on his win over Melanie Sojourner. I was at the Capitol and watched all four days of the proceedings investigating ... Read more

Vidalia utility rebates are a joke

I am writing to address the utility rebates recently given to citizens of Vidalia and to express my opinion about the handling of the income ... Read more

Join us for annual pro-life vigil

Pro-life alert! Read more

Thanks for your help with Veterans Day

The active participation of the Miss-Lou community made the 2015 Veterans Day an overwhelming success. Although it is impossible in this pace to thank everyone ... Read more

Now is the time to step down as judge

I will not be running for another term of office in the upcoming city elections. Read more

Taking oath is solemn promise to citizens

Taking oath is solemn promise to citizens Read more

Tampering with political signs is crime

The Vidalia Police Department wants to remind people that it is illegal to tamper with campaign signs. The Vidalia Police Department has been informed that ... Read more

Thanks for wonderful Natchez trip

My wife is a native of Natchez. She and I have visited the city periodically for more than 50 years. This week we spent two ... Read more

We have great need for prayer today

Greetings to everybody! There is a great need for prayer in the world today; but there is a shortage of prayer warriors. Realizing the dearth ... Read more

Honor Robert L. Williams Sr. today

The Honorable Robert L. Williams Sr. is commemorated for his dedication and contribution as a member of the Jefferson County School Board in 1966. Read more

Pollution is responsible for bad weather

It is interesting to many of us that our “bad weather” is being blamed on global warming, which has been proven to not exist. Read more

God sent vision to help community

A couple months ago, I had a dream/vision. Before I elaborate about the dream/vision there is something you must know first and foremost. I am ... Read more

Christmas floats needed for parade

Wow, what a year! Read more

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