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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for special 150th anniversary section

Readers of The Natchez Democrat express their gratitude and congratulations for the recent special section commemorating the newspaper's 150th anniversary. Read more

Thanks to Natchez for care, love

This letter is long overdue. Read more

Help with oral history project

My name is Dr. James Adams and I am an Associate Professor at Mississippi State University. Read more

Suicide awareness talks beneficial

If you mention the name Dean Sikes, over a thousand students in the Miss-Lou area will know exactly who he is. Read more

Museum needs visionary thinking

I concur with and endorse The Natchez Democrat’s recommendation that Natchez should have a general museum to tell an overarching community story of all its ... Read more

Thank you for your Natchez hospitality

Natchez’s antebellum homes are some of America’s greatest treasures! Read more

Community must put hate aside

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015, another protest was held concerning an inmate possibly being mistreated at the Adams County Jail. All the parties, who are ... Read more

Column misrepresented mall’s health

This is in response to Ben Hillyer’s piece published Aug. 28. In his opinion piece, Mr. Hillyer gave the public the impression the Natchez Mall ... Read more

Column misrepresented Mall’s health

This is in response to Ben Hillyer’s piece published August 28. Read more

Story of community’s efforts left out

In the Sunday issue of The Natchez Democrat the lead story listed Angie Brown as the Director of the Adams County Chapter of the American ... Read more

Thank you for your votes, support

As a taxpaying citizen and business owner, I have a vested interest in the welfare and well-being of this community. It takes hard work, dedication ... Read more

No honest debate without all facts

The headline, “Forget the facts, full speed ahead” was an apt beginning to Jason Stanford’s column, defending Planned Parenthood and its executives. Read more

New name sullies MLK memory

Recently there was a memorial service held at True Love Baptist Church to dedicate a portion of Dr. Martin L. King Road (MLK) to honor ... Read more

Buy fresh and local for a win-win for all

A big thank you to The Natchez Democrat for the very fine article about peaches that included us with our peaches. Read more

Respect was dilligently given

Oftentimes in life, people who go above and beyond the call of duty get overlooked. I would like to commend Charles Harrigill for his untiring ... Read more

Voters should re-elect James Lee

I would like to encourage Adams County voters to vote for and re-elect James E. Lee as our coroner. Read more

Natchez volunteers help with project

My name is Ava Clarke Edney. Yes, my Grannie is Lillian Clark Edney. My parents used her maiden name but added the “e.” Read more

Natchez man grateful for house call

When was the last time you had a doctor come to your house to check on you medically? Read more

Racism is more than flying a flag

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the connection between the Confederate flag and racism. Read more

Reward offered for return of club

The purpose of this letter to the editor is to solicit the assistance of your readers in recovering a 100-plus-year-old Billy Club that belonged to ... Read more

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