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Hopefully Prince got into heaven

The death of rocker Prince, the little symbol or the artist formerly known as Prince or whatever he was calling himself of late, got me ... Read more

Tourism voices need to stop, listen

In Natchez, there is no shortage of people with strong opinions. My guess is that it has been that way for many years. Read more

Natchez tourism community needs to work together

If the tourism industry in Natchez were a family — and it should be — it’s time for an intervention and the start of some ... Read more

‘Your Take’ going strong after 10 years

Ten years and two months, 3,717 photographs later, the “Your Take” feature of The Natchez Democrat keeps going strong. Read more

Laws should not be made to encourage divisiveness

My office phone rings a good bit. Usually, the caller is complaining about something — wet newspaper, missed delivery, mistake in print, etc. — or ... Read more

Could Trump give state election blues?

Does Donald Trump’s candidacy open up the possibility that Mississippi will go for a Democrat this year? Read more

‘Freedom of Conscience’ bill is discriminatory

Sometimes names can be deceiving. Read more

Candidates put parents in quandry

Watching my son squirm in his chair doing everything he could to evade my questions, I thought for a split second, “Maybe this kid could ... Read more

Easter teaches us hate is not solution

A 3-year-old in your life tends to warp one’s perspective. Anna has enjoyed Easter so far, and for the most part, she remains oblivious to ... Read more

Old jail? Been there, done that

When it comes to building a new county jail, Adams County leaders have “been there, done that.” Read more

Parent grading bill is misguided

Some Mississippi legislators are clearly misguided with their latest plans to pass a law to improve our children’s future. Read more

Being gross is in the eye of the beholder

Just like beauty, all things gross and slightly repulsive are in the eye of the beholder. Read more

Brown has always been one of city’s visionaries

When Natchez needed a leader, Larry L. “Butch” Brown was always there. Read more

I hear Canada is nice in the fall

If I hadn’t been born, my parents would be living in Ottawa or Toronto, singing “O, Canada” at weekend hockey games. Read more

Many hands make Profile 2016, community newspaper successful

What you’re holding in your hands this morning or looking at on a screen, if you’re reading digitally, is truly a unique creature. Read more

Dog’s death leaves lasting impact on family

Almost five years to the day Alice lumbered into my life, she was still seeking my love and attention in the same way she always ... Read more

Nothing like swinging along the way for family

My daughter Anna and I mark many landmarks along the route to preschool in the mornings. Read more

Take a look at Natchez History Minute videos

By late Thursday night, my 15 minutes of fame was over, well at least 1 minute and 19 seconds of it. Read more

Trump worshipping time is over

Some really smart person once said people should not talk publicly about religion, politics or money. Read more

Help us find community’s unsung heroes

I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit — inside anyway. Read more

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