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Fishing for the perfect bait

The Mississippi River has finally offered us a favorable stage for fishing the live oxbow lakes. Saturday morning, there were boats of every description headed ... Read more | Add your comment

Natchez hosts Ducks Unlimited state convention, earns high praise

Natchez hosts Ducks Unlimited state convention, earns high praise

NATCHEZ — The convenience of everything being within walking distance combined with the turnout at the Ducks Unlimited State Convention this past weekend wooed Ducks ... Read more | Add your comment

Carp theory still a big mystery

If the Mississippi River predictions hold up, we could see the lowest level of the year, so far, by Monday. For the past couple of ... Read more | Add your comment

Cavin takes a ‘different’ approach to mounting hunting game

Cavin takes a ‘different’ approach to mounting hunting game

NATCHEZ — Most who come across Daniel Cavin’s skull framing jobs tend to generalize his product as “different,” and that’s perfectly fine for Cavin who ... Read more | Add your comment

The lost art of fly fishing is recommended

Apparently, the Mississippi River level at Natchez is stuck at 35 feet. We just cannot get a river level below 35 feet to allow us ... Read more | Add your comment

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