Senior prepares for future

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 8, 1999

At the corner of Jackson Street and Jackson Avenue in Natchez, Deanna Michelle Wallace is not only preparing for her senior year at Natchez High School, but for her college career after that.

The daughter of Deanna and Willie Wallace of Natchez, Wallace spent most of this weekend typing college applications.

Her top college choices are Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., Tougaloo College in Jackson, or Xavier University in New Orleans.

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Wallace’s two elder sisters have already graduated college and moved on while she remains home to plan for her future.

The frustration of the college hunt is not only the suspense of which colleges will offer scholarships, but preparing the applications and paying the various application fees.

&uot;We agreed that we would simply take each application and submit them by their deadlines, spreading those fees out instead of doing them all at once and paying all those fees in one month,&uot; she said.

Wallace didn’t spend her whole summer pondering college choices.

&uot;I spent this summer at Ag Camp at Alcorn University,&uot; Wallace said. &uot;It’s the best program in the whole wide world.&uot;

The seven week camp teaches high school students about agriculture and gives them positive life experience. The campers also work for wages. Wallace came back with $750 in earnings.

While Wallace had long cherished a dream of becoming a doctor, she has since decided that a medical career would require more time away from her family than she is willing to give.

&uot;Now I’m thinking about computer science,&uot; she said.

As an honors student at Natchez High and a member of the Madrigal Choir, time is a precious commodity for Wallace.

&uot;I just study and do the best I can,&uot; she said.