Economy expands its way to new record

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Americans take heart. Today marks an important day and one that you won’t find on any calendar. The milestone dujour is the U.S. economy’s new record — 107 months of expansion.

That’s right our economy has been growing steadily since March 1991.

It’s an amazing statistic.

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A few years before the economy started on its steady climb skyward, no one would have predicted that it would be even mildly as successful. The recessions of the 1980s left many of us skeptical about the future of the economy.

But it’s been a long ride since then.

And so many folks know nothing but our recent economic expansion.

Many of us will have trouble even remembering what we were doing in March 1991.

Nationally, American-led U.N. forces had just finished liberating Kuwait from the Iraqis in February 1991.

And a little less than a year later in February 1992, the United States and Russia sign a treaty officially ending the Cold War.

If the economy was a wine, it would be considered an exceptional vintage. And one worthy of respect and admiration.

Now many Americans are enjoying the fruits of our economy.

While Republicans and Democrats both try to claim the political victory, we’re just happy that the national economic track record has been so positive.

For now, we hope that the economy keeps heading toward the clouds, but we realize that what goes up, must eventually come down … we just hope it’s not anytime soon.