Trying to find a little extra time

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 10, 2000

As the mom of three busy children, and I’m talking busy, and the wife of a busy man, I have a little insight into using time wisely.

Well, actually I have the insight I just can’t seem to do it well.

Take for example, my new house. We have been there for a couple of weeks now, okay maybe it has been three. We are still not unpacked. I’m not talking about old photo albums or scrapbooks from college. I’m talking about things we need, like silverware.

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I swear I have looked in every box marked kitchen, I didn’t say unpacked, but I did look good. I think the only thing on my side is that number one, my kids could care less if we eat with plastic because we can throw it away. And number two, I don’t think a wife forcing a man to eat with plastic utensils is a legitimate reason for a divorce in this state. But if you hear differently I need to know immediately!

I know that I am not the only woman in America that has three children and works. But everytime I talk to any of the ones I know, they have just finished a great book, a nap, a solid hour of conversation with their husband. These things have all but become foreign at my house.

And since I am married to an only child, this lack of time and inability to spend more quality time with him and each individual child is completely lost on him. In my husband’s defense he did suggest that I hire someone to clean the house, but what can they do right now, dust boxes? And my yard is much smaller now so it is perfectly manageable.

Personally I can’t help but think of the wasted maternity leave I have had over the years. I mean new little babies are so cute and cuddly but they don’t actually do anything but sleep and drool. After a week off I had mine loaded up and headed off the mall.

Now as they get older I could sure use that six-weeks per child. Do you realize that in a five-day work week that would give me 30 days per child to use? If I can get this to work, mom’s all over America will be sending me thank-you cards.

Oh well, until then I have got to get my house unpacked. With basketball over now for Cathedral, Trinity and my sixth-grader I should be have a little more time on my hands. Except I think that’s a baseball I see my kids throwing in the backyard.

n I am still looking for chess square recipes. If you have one that you think is delicious send it in.

Christina Hall is the lifestyles editor for The Democrat. She can be reached at 442-9101, ext 249, or by e-mail at