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Published 12:00 am Monday, March 13, 2000

For all of you whose New Year’s resolutions included brushing up or even starting on your genealogy research skills, the National Genealogical Society (NGS) has announced a reduction in the cost of its Online Course, INTRODUCTION TO GENEALOGY.

By enrolling in the online course, students learn how to record genealogical information; get started with family and published sources; find 20th century vital records; find earlier birth, death, and marriage data; use online finding aids and library catalogs; and write source citations. And that is a lot of territory to cover!

Prospective students pre-enroll and have the opportunity to study Lesson One free of charge. NGS members can then take the remaining course for $35 and nonmembers for $50.

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To enroll or even just check out this first lesson, access the course at the NGS web site and make the following choices: www.ngsgenealogy.org; then click Education; and follow Introduction To Genealogy: An Online Course.

Upon completion of the online course, students will also receive a $25 discount towards enrollment in the Home Study Course: AMERICAN GENEALOGY–A BASIC COURSE. This is the perfect time to take advantage of both of these opportunities!


— Robert F. Farrell (3298 Overton Trail, Birmingham Ala. 35243, 205-967-3089, e-mail MerryOaks@worldnet.att.net) is searching for information about MATTHEW TYSON (aka M.T.) YATES. Mr. Yates was born in North Carolina and settled in Hernando, Desoto County, Miss. with his father GEORGE C. YATES. His father was married to TABITHA ELIZABETH EAVANSON and both parents are buried in the Eavanson Cemetery in Tate County. M.T. was married to MARETHA J. MCPEAK in Hernando on 22 June 1893 by the Mayor of Hernando. The couple had at least one son, Matthew Tyson Yates, Jr., who settled in Birmingham, Ala. where he lived, died, and is buried. M.T. lost his first wife and then married SINNIE J. BOOTHE. M.T. was employed by the railroad and is said to have died from pneumonia. He is thought to be buried in the DeSoto-Tate County area of Mississippi. Does anyone know where he is buried, when he died, where Maretha is buried and if there were children other than Matthew Tyson Yates, Jr. Any and all help will be appreciated.

— LaNell Causey (182 Causey Lane, Lexington, Miss. 39095) is trying to trace the children of WILLIAM J. NEVELS and MARY J. NEVELS who are buried in Oregon Cemetery, Holmes County, Lexington, Miss. Information is needed on the following: Sarah Jane Nevels (born 21 April 1842); Martha Ann Nevels (28 January 1844); Margaret Elizabeth Nevels (born 15 July 1845); and Laminda (or Lawinda) Alice Nevels (born 30 August 1853). These ladies are sisters to Ms. Causey’s great great grandmother, LUCINDA ELIZABETH NEVELS EAKIN (born 27 October 1839; died 29 January 1929; and buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Holmes County, Lexington, Miss.). Can any reader supply some additional information on this family?

— Carolyn Hairston Moorhead Henderson (818 South Colorado, Greenville, Miss. 38703, 662-335-1338) is still seeking members of the JOHN CAVANAH family in order to give them a family portrait! The family was originally from Crawford, Mississippi, Lowndes County, but John moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. John Cavanah’s mother was a sister to a Mrs. Moorhead and she came to Crawford during the Civil War. She is buried in Crawford as is an Uncle Paul. The family members included in the picture are: Brooks Cavanah & wife; Margie (John’s wife); Mary Cavanah; Betty Lindh; Joe Lindh; Lydia Cavanah Lindh; John Cavanah, Jr., his child Coleen; Brooks, Jr., J.W. Cavanah, Sr. (Papa); John Jr.; little girl Kathleen; Paul Cavanah; and Carolyn Cavanah. Any help in reaching these family members and getting this portrait into family hands will be greatly appreciated.

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