Teen’s work ethic helping him save money

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 15, 2000

It was nearly 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon, and Robert Bradley was taking a much-deserved break. &uot;I’ve been working since about 8 o’clock this morning,&uot; the 16-year-old said as he leaned against a metallic gray trailer. &uot;I was just takin’ a break.&uot;

The Democrat’s Dart found Bradley taking a break from his grass-cutting job at Wactor Well Service — about an acre-and-a-half that he cuts, edges and generally keeps up on weekends.

&uot;I cut up here, at my house, my grandmother’s house, we even have a place downtown that we cut,&uot; he explained. Bradley and his father, also Robert, have a budding grass-cutting business. But for the younger Bradley, the business has a singular goal.

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&uot;I’m saving up to buy a truck,&uot; he said with a big grin. &uot;I should have enough by the end of the summer … I might buy that little blue truck over there,&uot; he added with a nod toward the nearby warehouse.

He began his grass-cutting career at home, near LaGrange, where as the oldest of three children he earned the job of cutting grass. &uot;I’ve been doing this (working for others) for about two and a half months now.&uot;

And, with a job that earns him nearly $350 a month thanks to a willingness to work and a bright yellow Cub Cadet lawn tractor, young Bradley is optimistic about the end-of-summer timeline.

&uot;I also help my dad, who works offshore, do small carpentry work,&uot; Bradley said.

But his preference is obvious — grass-cutting. And, he admits, by mid-afternoon on Saturdays he’s usually done with his jobs and relaxing. Or, more to the point, just hanging out. &uot;There’s really not much else to do in Natchez,&uot; he said with a laugh.