Crossing guard doesn’t slow down for retirement

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 2, 2000

For 30 minutes, twice a day, the students of Holy Family School have looked up to crossing guard Leonard Minor as they walk to and from school.

&uot;The little bitty girls wave as they come walking by,&uot; Minor says, measuring their height to his knee.

It’s kind of hard to miss him every weekday morning and afternoon in his bright orange vest and gloves standing in the middle of the crosswalk on St. Catherine Street.

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Pointing to a motorist who needs to &uot;slow it down,&uot; Minor keeps the traffic flow steady and rolling along. Directing parents to turn left onto Orange Street, where fellow crossing guard, Winston Donaldson, guides traffic back onto Franklin Street.

Minors says the cooler temperatures have been a relief in his battle against the hot pavement. &uot;Last month was pretty rough, my shoes got hot and everything,&uot; Minor says, looking out at the sun streaked crosswalk.

After retiring as a custodian from the Adams County Courthouse 15 years ago, Minor decided he needed something else to do with his time. &uot;This job keeps me from sitting down all the time,&uot; he says with a chuckle.

But for this 77-year-old Morgantown resident, staying busy has always been a part of life. Minor and his wife, Catherine, raised 10 children together.

With all of his children out of the nest, Minor finds pleasure in watching over the students at Holy Family School. In his seven years as a crossing guard at Holy Family School, Minor says he loves meeting new people through the job and keeping in touch with his old friends.

That is apparent as the waves and honks come from nearly every car passing by while Minor is doing his weekly crossing guard routine.

With a watchful eye over the children on the sidewalk, Minor gives them a friendly nod back. Keeping his hands free to keep up with the flow of traffic headed his way.