Natchez Regional trucks in ‘total joint surgery’ info

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 6, 2001

A bright blue 18-wheeler might seem an odd method to inform the public about advances in orthopedic medicine.

But to officials with Natchez Regional Medical Center and Zimmer Colbourne Associates, it is a great way to reach the community.

&uot;So many of us are affected with arthritis in our joints,&uot; said Susan Knighton, with administration and marketing for Natchez Regional Medical Center.

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&uot;Many times (people) don’t realize it’s as simple as it is to fix the problem.&uot;

The truck belongs to Zimmer Colbourne Associates – a maker of appliances used in orthopedic surgery.

It travels the country providing training to nurses and allowing the community to receive information on the latest advances in the field.

It will be parked at Natchez Regional Medical Center from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and it is open to the public.

For people with arthritis or joint problems, orthopedic surgery can offer great relief, said Mike Scarborough, sales manager for Zimmer Colbourne Associates.

&uot;Total joint surgery that is done by orthopedic surgeons … has changed the lifestyle of nearly everyone over 60 years-old,&uot; Scarborough said

People who would otherwise be in wheelchairs are able to lead active lives, he said. And Natchez residents do not need to drive to Jackson to undergo this type of surgery.

&uot;You have surgeons in this community that do this every day,&uot; Scarborough said. In addition to picking up literature about orthopedic surgery, people who visit the truck can also view some of the tools of the trade and watch a video on knee surgery as it is conducted on Hugh Downs, an anchor on the new magazine show &uot;20-20.&uot;

On Monday about 65 people visited the truck.

Knighton said the hospital has been trying to schedule a visit from the truck for quite some time. &uot;It’s a rare treat. It’s taken about a year to get it here,&uot; she said.