Butcher: LEAP retesting in parish went well

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 12, 2001

VIDALIA, La. – Retesting for the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program test, which was held Monday through Wednesday, went smoothly, according to a school district official.

And by Aug. 15, the Concordia Parish School District should receive the scores of 213 students who retook the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program test this week, said Fred Butcher, director of academic affairs.

&uot;We’ll be asking the principals to call these students’ parents to notify them of (the students’) scores,&uot;&160;said Fred Butcher, the district’s director of academic affairs.

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That will be just in time to place students in the proper classes. Students in the fourth and eighth grades took LEAP in the spring. If they didn’t pass the test then, they had to pass this week’s retest in order to be promoted to the next grade in all of their subjects. Students who fail the LEAP test for the first time will be placed in transitional classes for the subjects they failed — math, English or both — but will take fifth- or ninth-grade classes in all other subjects.

For students who failed LEAP for the second year in a row, &uot;their situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis&uot; by school officials in order to determine what classes they will take, said Butcher, who had no more specifics as of press time.

&uot;We’d like to thank parents for their cooperation&uot; in helping students prepare for the test, Butcher said. &uot;I’d also like to thank teachers and administrators for all the work they’ve done in advance, and for giving up a summer with their families to help these kids.&uot;

State Department of Education figures show that in the spring, 20 percent of Concordia fourth-graders failed the English portion of the test and 31 percent of fourth-graders failed the math portion.