No weather warnings, but trees down in area over the weekend

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 2004

NATCHEZ &045; The National Weather Service in Jackson and the Adams County Civil Defense office may have no evidence of bad weather Saturday night, but Sibley resident Paula Stiles has enough evidence &045; the large tree that came through her roof.

According to the Adams County Civil Defense office and the National Weather Service in Jackson, there were no weather watches or warnings issued this weekend.

Mark McAllister, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Jackson, said there were no reports or weather warnings in the Natchez area.

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However, he said some gusty winds could have accompanied the thunderstorms in the area, with winds up to 60 mph. But, the service showed nothing on the radar and there were no reports of any kind of bad weather, he said.

But Monday morning, there was a crane in front of Stiles’ home, lifting the enormous oak tree off of her bed.

The tree was &uot;just a little ways off our bed when it stopped,&uot; Stiles said.

‘The ceiling fan was practically sitting on the bed.&uot;

Stiles said she heard the weather outside and got out of bed to turn off her air conditioning unit and her computer. She laid back down in bed just before the oak tree came crashing through the ceiling.

&uot;Honestly we had no warning at all,&uot; she said, although the weather did begin to sound bad outside before the tree fell.

Stiles said the beam from her A-frame house hit her in the back on its way down with the tree.

&uot;It was just so awesome that we made it out of it,&uot; Stiles said Monday. &uot;I don’t even see how our house is holding up.&uot;

County road manager Bobby Powell said there were many roads with limbs down, mainly from Lower Woodville Road, down U.S. 61 South to Kingston. There were many limbs down on Kingston Road, Spokane Road and Clifford Road and a few other isolated incidents, he said.

One tree did fall on the bridge on Kingston Road by the fire station, but Powell said the tree only destroyed a guardrail and structurally the bridge was all right. Powell said he was sending crews to check underneath the bridge Monday afternoon to make sure it was OK.

Powell said the bridge would not be shut down but the worst case scenario would be a reduction in the weight limit if repairs were needed.

Powell said crews worked most of the night Saturday to clear the roads of limbs and those would be picked up in the next few days.