Community group fulfilling its mission

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

Want something done? Try the Community Alliance. At a meeting last week, the group &045;&045; made up of key leaders from various agencies and organizations &045;&045; discussed a variety of nagging issues Natchez needs to face.

From the old First Baptist Church downtown to the need for kiosks to help inform tourists, the group talked about ways to help clean up and perk up downtown.

The Community Alliance is doing just what this group should be doing &045;&045; bringing together the right people to find the right solutions.

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How many times have many of us said, we need a welcome sign for Natchez or we need a more attractive entry into our historic city?

Within a few months of its founding, the Community Alliance took on those tasks, found the right grant money, and we now have trees growing on the rights-of-way as people drive into the city. Welcome signs are on the way.

So, too, is work on a park at Madison and Wall streets. That effort that might not have come to fruition so quickly without the cooperative nature of the alliance behind it.

As groups like the Natchez-Adams County Economic Development Alliance work hard on attracting industry, the Community Alliance has found its niche &045;&045; solving our community’s peskier problems with speed and efficiency.

And that work operates in tandem with the work of the EDA or the chamber of commerce, which are committed to attracting and sustaining industry and business.

Whether it’s making Natchez more attractive or improving residents’ quality of life, the alliance is making a difference, step by step, which will help us become the community we want and need to be.