It is time to create new holiday tradition

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2004

We are as disappointed as anyone in the Natchez community that the downtown Christmas tree tradition is over.

But we all have to accept that it is time for a change. Organizers of the current Christmas tree tradition are looking to alternatives &045; and there is a great possibility we will be able to come up with a plan that everyone can be happy about, and that may bring new visitors to Natchez for the holiday season.

The decision to move the Christmas tree was not an arbitrary one; officials from various entities, including Entergy and the City of Natchez, determined that placing the tree directly in the middle of a downtown intersection was too much of a liability.

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We’ve all joked about the possibility of someone hitting the tree, but that reality would be no laughing matter.

So it is time for a change &045; and in the spirit of Christmas, we should all be willing to support a new tradition.

Imagine what we could do to expand the holiday celebration here, building on last year’s Hollidazzle events and growing the plans into a larger celebration that would attract new tourists.

Many communities &045; including Natchitoches, La. &045; light up their streets so beautifully that visitors pour in from surrounding cities.

Natchez is already known for its beauty; imagine what we might be able to do along the river bluff.

We are sad to see such a beloved Christmas tradition go. But we all have our memories &045; and it is time to make new ones.