Mayoral candidates raise $43K so far

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

NATCHEZ &045;&045; In what has seemed to be a low-key campaign so far, Natchez mayoral candidates have reported a total of about $43,000 in contributions, but two candidates failed to turn in campaign finance reports by this week’s deadline.

The mayor’s race &045;&045; which features five Democrats, one Republican and one independent &045;&045; has its first major battle Tuesday when voters choose candidates in party primaries.

Republican Sue Stedman will be unopposed on her ballot, and independent Richard Branyan will not appear on the ballot until the June 8 general election. The five-man race for the Democratic nomination includes Danny Barber, Fred Middleton, F.L. &uot;Hank&uot; Smith, Mike Thompson and Philip West. Neither Barber nor West filed campaign finance reports with the City Clerk’s Office in time for Tuesday’s deadline. Independent candidates did not have to file reports.

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Candidates who did file reports spent a total of about $27,000 &045;&045; leaving some cash on hand for a possible Democratic runoff and for the general election. Incumbent Smith has raised the most reported money at $14,754, with Middleton close behind at $13,150. Thompson reported contributions of $7,750, and Stedman has much of her $7,425 in contributions left since her real campaign fight does not begin until her Democratic opponent is determined.

Candidates spending money on print and broadcast advertising, signs and direct mail, T-shirts and bumper stickers and food for fund-raisers.

Candidates in the city judge’s race &045;&045; which pits five Democrats to replace retiring Judge John M. Tipton &045;&045; have raised a total of almost $28,000. Two candidates &045;&045; Buck Pintard and Patricia Dunmore &045;&045; failed to submit reports. Lisa Jordan Dale has raised the most money, reporting $14,671.37 in contributions and $14,634.19 in expenditures. Kevin Colbert reported $8,383.74 in contributions and $8,169.64 in expenditures. Jim Blough reported receipts of $4,695 and expenditures of $3,904.04.

Itemized contributions among the candidates are coming from friends and family, a few businesses and from the candidates’ own pockets.

In the aldermen races:

4Joyce Arceneux, D, incumbent in Ward 1, contributions of $1,800; expenses of $460.

4James Gavette, D, Ward 1, no reported contributions; expenses of $600.

4Bob Pollard, R, Ward 3, contributions of $600 and expenses of $803.

4Cynthia Parker Brumfield, R, Wrd 3, contributions of $750 and expenses of $417.30

4David &uot;D.D.&uot; Smith, D, Ward 3, No contributions or expenses reported.

4Donnell Newsome, D, Ward 4, contributions of $675 and expenditures of $1,421.29.

4Theodore &uot;Bubber&uot; West, D, incumbent in Ward 4, contributions of $1,500 and expenditures of $1,000.

4James Gilbert, D, Ward 5, no contributions or expenditures reported.

Ward 1 candidates Leon Howard and Jim Sanders, along with Ward 5 incumbent David Massey, did not turn in reports.