On an Eco-Trip:Environmental reality show travels through Miss-Lou on hemp oil motorbike

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 5, 2004

It could not have been a more beautiful day for filming a TV show in the Miss-Lou Monday.

Just ask the Australian/New Zealander/American film crew who was taping the eighth episode of a reality show about an Aussie and his dog making their way across 30 states without gas. The show,

dubbed &uot;Eco Trekker,&uot; began in Australia.

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The idea was such a hit

the crew decided to try a season in the United States. The team hopes

after filming in the United States, American channels will buy the show.

The magic number for the Eco Trekker show is 13. The show will be 13 episodes based on 13 challenges in which series star Shaun Murphy and his Jack Russell terrier, Sparky, have to use 13 renewable energies to get across the United States.

For example, before making it through the Miss-Lou on the electra cruiser, a battery-powered motorbike charged by a generator that uses Hempoline, they got from New York to Washington on gases obtained from garbage.

Following Murphy is his environmentally friendly crew riding in a soy-powered RV.

According to the Eco Trekker Web site, &uot;the goal of the Eco Trekker tour is to showcase alternative energies through entertainment so as adults, children and businesses can put this knowledge into action and create a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.&uot;

However, the draw of the show might just be the interaction of an Aussie environmentalist with the heart of America &045;&045; its people.