Parents should be active in education

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Today, with Natchez-Adams public schools starting another school year, much attention is given to the role faculty and school officials have in making sure students have the skills they need to succeed. But parents can also do a number of things to help their children succeed, including:

Helping their children with homework, special projects and studying for tests. Toward that end, parents can use the Natchez schools’ parent resource centers. There parents can check out materials to help their children in math, reading, language arts and other subjects. Parent liaisons are there to aid parents in choosing materials specific to their children’s needs. The rooms are full of books and other materials &045;&045; all that’s needed is parents to utilize them.

Attending school open houses and parent-teacher conferences. These are valuable opportunities for parents to ask questions and address concerns about their children’s education &045;&045; and to find out ways they, as parents, can help. They also allow parents to stay abreast of the latest school news and events and to meet those who have a day-to-day role in their children’s school experience.

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Volunteering at their child’s school.

Principals say parent volunteers are valuable partners in education and are people who can be counted on to do everything from mentoring to doing assorted clerical tasks.

Encouraging their employers or organizations to become Partners in Education for an area school. These partners assist schools in a variety of ways, from providing needed materials to sponsoring events that educate children, give them a fun break from the classroom or recognize them for achievements.

Making an effort to be at each child’s events whenever possible.

We encourage parents &045;&045; as so many already do &045;&045; to take the most active role possible. Their children’s future could very well depend on it.