Waste Management gives check to county

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NATCHEZ &045;&045; Garbage is a good thing sometimes.

Jim Funderburg, district manager of Waste Management, presented the Adams County Board of Supervisors with a check for $47,375 Monday as a result of garbage processed at the facility.

The check, which received a warm welcome from the board, will go into the waste collection and disposal fund to be used for sanitation needs, County Administrator Charlie Brown said.

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The county, along with the city, gets a check from Waste Management each year based on the tonnage processed during the year.

Funderburg said the relationship started in the late 1980s after federal regulations required strict environmental rules for all landfills. Because neither the city nor county had the resources to spend on the project they entered into a deal with Waste Management.

The facility handles disposal of waste from residents of the city and county and pays $1 per ton after a certain amount of tonnage to the county and city. The $1 fee goes into effect after 35,000 tons for the city and 85,000 for the county.

The facility also pays the state $1 per ton too, which goes to the Department of Environmental Equality.

Funderburg already presented the city with a check for $96,000 earlier.

The Plantation Oaks Sanitary Landfill is on Shieldsboro Road and is about 180 acres.

It receives waste from neighboring towns and counties including Brookhaven and Jefferson, Claiborne, Wilkinson and Pike counties.