Rumors of unrest in city untrue and irresponsible

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 17, 2005

We’ll bet you heard the rumor about the carjacking at Wal-Mart or the shooting at a gas station in Natchez.

Completely false &045; not to mention completely foolish and irresponsible.

Tensions are high enough in the Miss-Lou with continued power outages and an influx of people from surrounding areas looking for provisions.

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The power is coming back on. We realize there are areas of the city and surrounding counties that are still without lights, but residents must simply be patient.

Entergy and other power companies are working hard to restore service. The fact is, Katrina knocked out more than half the state; the fact that any lights are on at all in Natchez is something of a miracle.

Gas supplies are going to be replenished. Local residents do not need to be ducking into a gas station every time they see a short line to top off their tanks &045; we’re not in that desperate of a situation.

Desperation is what has happened along the coast and in New Orleans.

The lawlessness in the Big Easy is appalling, humanity at its basest and most desperate.

Desperation of a different sort exists on the coast, where the need is as great but resources &045; and attention &045; have been diverted to the area of most immediate need.

So, no, we are not desperate in this community. We are safe and dry, with roofs over our heads and food to eat.

And we must remain calm, especially when in the face of temptation to quarrel over ice or gasoline or other provisions &045; and even the temptation to believe the worst about people in our own community.

Tensions might be high, but we do ourselves a great disservice by spreading rumors of greater unrest, not to mention create the possibility for actual lawlessness.

Perhaps that gossipy energy would be better spent volunteering or writing a check to help people truly in need.