Two arrested for bond violations

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 4, 2006

Special to the democrat

VIDALIA &8212; Clinton Bart Schneider and Amber Wallace were arrested on an assortment of drug and bond violations Tuesday, the Concordia Parish Sheriff&8217;s Office announced Wednesday.

Schneider, 41, and Wallace, 22, were both out on bond while awaiting trial on charges of dog fighting.

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Schneider&8217;s bonding officer, Sgt. Greg Jackson, went to his home, 4627 Louisiana 565, Monterey, to make a routine contact and discovered four dogs in the yard.

An August raid on Schneider&8217;s home found 43 fighting dogs, training materials and drugs. Wallace and Joshua White were arrested on the scene; Schneider fled and turned himself in three months later.

One of the conditions of his three concurrent $25,000 bonds, ordered by Seventh Judicial District Judge Kathy Johnson, was that he not be in possession of dogs.

Jackson obtained a search warrant and, along with Deputy Chris Groh, found crystal methamphetamine in the home as well as written material relating to dog fighting, the release said.

More crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy pills were also found on Schneider&8217;s person.

He was charged with possession of Schedule I and II CDS with intent to distribute, carrying a weapon while in possession of CDS and violation of bonding conditions.

Judge Leo Boothe revoked Schneider&8217;s bonds and Johnson then set a new bond of $200,000.

Wallace, who shares the address, was at the house at the time of arrest, and was charged identically save for the possession of Schedule I CDS.

She had been out on a $110,000 bond; her bond was set at $200,000.

CPSO spokesperson Kathy Stevens did not know what type of weapons the two were carrying.

According to the release, Schneider told Jackson he didn&8217;t agree with the dog possession clause of his bond conditions.

The four dogs were seized along with other evidence.

Sheriff Randy Maxwell said his department is very concerned about dog fighting.

&8220;We&8217;re going to continue to actively monitor anyone we find fighting dogs,&8221; he said. &8220;It&8217;s pretty simple. If you fight dogs, you&8217; re going to jail.&8221;

Schneider, Wallace and White have March 15 court dates on dog fighting charges relating to the August raid. Wallace and White will appear together for a trial of motions and Schneider will have an arraignment hearing.