Brown retiring after 17 years on job

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 25, 2006

NATCHEZ &8212; Family, football and time off are something Charles &8220;Charlie&8221; Brown says he&8217;s ready to finally enjoy.

Brown, the Adams county administator since July 31, 1989, will retire effective June 1, after 17 years of public service.

&8220;Charlie is an asset to Adams County and I truly understand his position on retiring,&8221; board president Darryl Grennell said.

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&8220;I was a little sad when Charlie told me, but him wanting to spend time with his family is completely understandable.&8221;

Brown began his working career with an oil company based out of California. He was transferred several times throughout the company, living in towns including New Orleans along the way.

He then returned to Natchez to work with Callon Petroleum Co. where he stayed for 30 years. After his work with Callon, he accepted his current job as the county


&8220;I&8217;ve worked five to six days a week, eight to 10 hours a day all my life and I&8217;m ready to to do other things,&8221; said Brown.

&8220;I&8217;ll miss hearing

things that are going to happen first hand, but

I&8217;m ready to spend some time with my

family and maybe even follow the (Ole Miss) Rebels a little closer.&8221;

The county administrator position is

time consuming and


good accounting skills,

Grennell said.

Daily tasks

including handling the majority of the financial matters of the county, preparing the annual budget reviews and trying to control the expenditures of every department are

some of the duties performed, Brown said.

All payroll matters of county go through the county administrator, arranging financing to fund various project and equipment purchases and insurance matters of the county are also part of the job, he said.

As far as the job Brown has done since in office, Grennell said he will definitely be missed.

&8220;I remember coming up on weekends and Charlie would be here working,&8221; said Grennell.

&8220;He&8217;s made sacrifices to do his job and been very dedicated.&8221;

Although retiring, Grennell said Brown may still be kept close for assistance to the new Administrator.

&8220;Down the road we may call Charlie for budget consultation,&8221; said Grennell.

&8220;He is so familiar with the budget we may have to call him to help get the new person adapted.&8221;

Brown says he will first &8220;step back and do a few personal things,&8221; but may return.

After 45 days off, Brown said he will be eligible for part time work if the board needed it.

&8220;I have enjoyed my work here and wish

the new administrator the very best,&8221;

Brown said.

&8220;The board has been very easy to work with and let me handle my job without much interference.&8221;