County needs an animal ordinance

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 19, 2006

Maybe Adams County could use a little bit of Hollywood wisdom. No, we&8217;re not saying the county supervisors should hire agents and publicists. But they should not follow the old show business adage: Never work with animals.

From a Hollywood actor&8217;s perspective, the would-be co-stars are too unpredictable so it&8217;s easier just to avoid them altogether.

Unfortunately that seems to be Adams County&8217;s take on animals, too, despite growing concerns among some residents.

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Stray animals can damage property and harm lives without warning.

But Adams County, like many other largely rural counties, has no specific laws regulating control of animals. Until an animal essentially commits a crime, the animal is free to roam around wherever and whenever it wants.

That lack of regulation has some residents barking for a change.

Critics of such a possible animal control proposal argue that it would be difficult to enforce. Perhaps, but doing nothing isn&8217;t providing a solution.

Some people point to the source of the problem &8212; careless pet owners who let the animals breed unchecked. But aside from finding someone being cruel to an animal, little can be done to someone who simply breeds lots of animals. That&8217;s not a crime &8212; until the animals leave their owners&8217; property and become a nuisance.

And in Adams County with no ordinance, little can be done about it. The county should sit in the director&8217;s chair and get ready to take some &8220;action.&8221;