Ferriday 100th plans discussed

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 19, 2006

FERRIDAY &8212; The town&8217;s getting old, and the chamber is ready to celebrate that fact.

In its Monday meeting, the Ferriday Chamber of Commerce&8217;s executive committee began considering ways to honor the centennial celebration of the town&8217;s incorporation.

&8220;If this is the town&8217;s 100th year, we should do something,&8221; Liz Brooking said.

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There was some uncertainty as to whether Ferriday was in fact incorporated in 1906, even the town&8217;s Web site lists both 1903 and 1906 as dates of incorporation.

Later in the day, Brooking said she had received confirmation from the Louisiana Secretary of State&8217;s office that Oct. 24, 1906 was the official date on which the Village of Ferriday was incorporated.

Shortly thereafter, Thomas H. Johnson was appointed the first mayor.

The Village of Ferriday became the Town of Ferriday in 1927.

Everyone at the meeting agreed the history of the town should be celebrated and that everyone should participate.

The group discussed ideas for a traveling exhibit, fixed exhibits around town and a gala event. A book featuring the history of the town&8217;s schools, churches and civic organizations was an idea to mark the occasion.

&8220;Each group could present a history of the group, and people could come by and see their ancestors,&8221; one committee member said.

The group decided to seek ideas from its entire membership and the public to help in the celebration.

&8220;I think it&8217;s important for people to know that it&8217;s out there,&8221; Brooking said. &8220;And if the school board and teachers know it&8217;s in the Fall, maybe they can start thinking of ways

to get the students involved.&8221;

In other business, U.S. Rep. Rodney Alexander will address the chamber at its monthly meeting Monday.

The congressman will update the chamber on legislation pending in Congress as well as matters of local concern.

The fate of the $150,000 grant the Delta Music Museum has requested through his office, as well as other grants parish agencies have applied for, will likely qualify.