Rain, mud prove fun enough for boys

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vidalia &8212; What do little boys do when it&8217;s hot? Go swimming, but what happens when owner of the pool isn&8217;t home? Well, they improvise.

Sunday afternoon when the Stroud brothers, Chase, 12, Danny, 9, Jesse, 8, and their friend Jordan Moore, 10, rode their bikes over to a neighbor&8217;s house to go swimming they found that she wasn&8217;t home.

So the boys used a garden hose in the Stroud&8217;s backyard to cool off.

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&8220;We started spraying each other with the hose then it started to rain so we had a mud war,&8221; Chase said.

The boys muddied the side of the house and each other in the backyard until their father Robert told them to turn the hose off.

Then the boys grabbed their bikes went to the front yard to ride through a mud puddle at the end of the Stroud driveway on Azalea Drive.

&8220;We had a pool in the backyard one time but Danny was casting his rod and reel in it and his hook got caught in the side of it and it leaked. So we threw it away,&8221; Jesse said.

The boys were content with the rain though, and Moore filled up a lawn chair bag with water and twirled it around creating his own personal sprinkler as the others ran through it.

&8220;Tomorrow, if it is sunny we&8217;ll try and go swimming at Miss. Linda&8217;s house if she&8217;s home. But if she&8217;s not we&8217;ll just come back here and turn on the hose again and have another mud fight or mud ride on our bikes,&8221; Chase said.