Tickets tick off citizens

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Members of the community showed up expressing their concerns for the number of tickets written in the area, causing the mayor to defend Ferriday&8217;s police force. &8220;You can&8217;t do selective law enforcement, either you&8217;re hot or cold and you&8217;re enforcing the law or you&8217;re not,&8221; Mayor Gene Allen said. &8220;I think you&8217;ve got to be fair with everybody. Either you&8217;re being fair or you&8217;re not.&8221; Allen said for having close to 30,000 cars pass through the town of Ferriday daily, the number of citations issued wasn&8217;t all that bad. After the citation talks were put to rest a resolution was adopted clearing the June 30, 2006 year-end budget and accepting the budget beginning July 1. In other business of the council a resolution was approved by the council enabling the members to make requests to Riverland&8217;s Medical Board to reopen the labor and delivery ward.

Members of the board said closing the ward has placed expectant mothers in the area in a tough situation.

A discussion of the Wal-Mart proposal considerations was moved to the July meeting&8217;s executive session.

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