Pay raises short rate taxpayers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2006

Collectively, the 20-percent raises will cost the city nearly $23,000 each year. So what does that mean for city residents?

That taxpayer money could have purchased more than 130 feet of new roadway (complete with curbs and gutters).

Such a project would cost approximately $23,000, as would the overlaying of more than 760 feet of city streets. But none of this potential we be felt because three aldermen feel underpaid. Who doesn&8217;t? If all the city&8217;s streets had been freshly paid and all the curbs, gutters and sidewalks were in great shape, we might have sympathy on the three musketeers. The job responsibility of an alderman has not changed. No one is making them sweat more than when they took office. No changes other than their greed.

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The city is doing OK, but not great. The only thing that&8217;s soaring is sales tax revenue and aldermen have little to do with it. The position of alderman has never been considered a full-time job.

We realize they work a lot &8212; late night telephone calls and irate citizens. But they knew that going in. They accepted the rate of pay.

Now they&8217;ve taken advantage of their power and with little to no public notice given themselves a raise.