Sometimes restricting laws needed

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 2, 2006

President Bush signed a bill into law on Memorial Day that takes away a portion of your First Amendment rights.

Normally, we&8217;d be outraged. We&8217;d cry foul and drone on about the disgust we have with the notion of curtailing any American&8217;s right to protest.

But in this instance, our disgust is not over what the President has signed, but what made him &8212; and other national leaders &8212; feel like this was the best way out of a troubling situation.

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The issue at hand is the painfully disturbing practice of protesting at military funerals. The small band of whackos leading the protests is allegedly Christians from a Kansas-based church.

Members of the group show up at military funerals to chant and otherwise raise attention to them &8212; and their twisted beliefs &8212; at a ceremony normally focused on the memory of a fallen soldier.

Holding up signs that read: Thank God for IEDs, God hates you, Thank God for 9/11 and Thank God for dead soldiers.

The new law prohibits such protests at national cemeteries and rightfully so.

Having someone tell you during your son&8217;s funeral that he is dead because God hates you isn&8217;t something we think anyone should have to face &8212; ever.

We&8217;re happy that the new law might stifle a few of the insensitive loud-mouths, but we only wish that rather than limiting the nation&8217;s right to free speech, we could simply gag these obviously rude, twisted individuals.