Vidalia boy gets Kiss boots

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A tiny fan of the band Kiss is one of their biggest fans, and Tuesday, he was presented with part of their wardrobe.

Zachary Johnson, 5, was presented with a pair of Kiss boots by the man who makes them, Barry Carr.

Zachary has Asperger syndrome, a neurobiological development disorder. Those with the disorder usually have trouble with social and communication skills.

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The boy has loved Kiss since his uncle introduced him to the band when the boy was 2-years-old, Zachary’s mother, Kristen Johnson said.

He has already had two Kiss-themed birthday parties and knows several of the band’s songs.

“He said one day he wanted Kiss boots, so I looked online to see if anybody sold them,” Johnson said.

What she found was Carr’s company, who makes Kiss outfits. An adult pair of boots can cost $1,800 or more, Johnson said. But Carr offered to give them to Zachary for free.

“He told me the boots would be free,” Johnson said. “I cried.”

Johnson said Carr drove to Vidalia from Kentucky to present Zachary with the boots himself.

Zachary can name the band member who sang almost any Kiss song and can stick out his tongue in imitation of vocalist Gene Simmons.

Zachary is such a big fan that he has almost anything a Kiss fan would want.

“I’ve got Kiss makeup, I’ve got a Kiss coffee cup, I’ve got a Kiss necklace,” Zachary said.

And Tuesday night, he added Kiss boots to his collection.