Representative feels governor will sign Act 12 resolution

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 23, 2006

CLAYTON &8212; District 21 Rep. Andy Anders said he feels confident Gov. Kathleen Blanco will approve the resolution concerning Act 12 before the January deadline.

&8220;It&8217;s on the governor&8217;s desk right now,&8221; Anders said. &8220;I feel 100 percent that she&8217;ll sign it.&8221;

Anders attended his first special session as a state representative Dec. 8. He was elected to the District 21 seat this fall.

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Anders said the experience was a shock and had to learn a lot of the procedures on his own.

&8220;When they open the floor (to vote) you get like 30 seconds to speak,&8221; Anders said. &8220;It&8217;s not like you get a lot of time to do your homework and you have to know how you&8217;re going to vote before the floor is opened.&8221;

At the session, Anders and other representatives brought a resolution before the House, which asked Blanco to postpone the enactment of Act 12, a piece of legislation that would require new home or business construction to be inspected by a International Building Code inspector.

Anders said the resolution, House Committee Resolution-36, passed before both the House and the Senate.

If signed by the Blanco, enactment of Act 12 would be pushed from the deadline of Jan. 1 to July 1, Anders said.

&8220;That would give us some time to work with it in April and June during our regular sessions,&8221; Anders said. &8220;Until her signature is on the resolution, we&8217;re still held to the deadline.&8221;

If the deadline is moved, Anders said he would work to have District 21 excluded from Act 12 requirements.