Last week of 2006 brings good news

Published 6:00 am Monday, January 1, 2007

Funding for Rentech, the promise of more housing and commercial development and the addition of new community members and leaders helped make 2006 a year full of good news.

But even with a fair share of good news already under the Miss-Lou&8217;s belt, no one slacked off last week.

Let&8217;s review the last good headlines of 2006 before we barrel full steam ahead into 2007:

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4The Natchez-Adams County Port is making money for the first time in years.

The annual audit brought good news this year, and the port was able to write the county a check for $50,000. A combination of new business and the addition of some Hurricane Katrina related customers made 2006 a model year for the facility.

4Ferriday is placing thanks where it is due. More than 1,000 town residents received a $325 check this month, thanks to the steps of resident Gloria Martello.

Martello filed the class action lawsuit following the 1999 water debacle. Now she can&8217;t walk down the street without a smile and a pat on the back.

4The Adams County Jail is seizing the opportunity to make some extra dollars. It may not be the Hilton, but the jail is playing host to overnight guests for an undetermined amount of time. And they are paying guests. Pike County will send along money &8212; more than it costs to feed and shelter &8212; with the inmates. The Pike County jail facility is under construction and cannot currently house its inmates.

Adams County will be able to do some renovations of its own, thanks to the inmates.

Today is about fresh starts, optimism and plans for the future. With a lot brewing in the Miss-Lou, 2007 promises to be a good year.