Water rate hike is inevitable

Published 11:00 am Sunday, January 28, 2007

Twelve years ago you could find gas for $1.08 a gallon and a canned Coke for $.50. Times change and utility bills do too.

But since 1994 the cost of water for Natchez residents has remained the same. Water works has in turn taken a hit. The company — which runs like a business — has cut internally, skimped on office paperclips and ultimately not upgraded parts and practices that are out of date.

But Natchez Water works administrators say they can’t do it anymore.

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The wastewater treatment plant needs upgrading, valves and water lines need to be replaced and sewer pumps need to be renovated.

And the only way to stop a financial leak leaving the company with an annual $1 million loss is to increase rates — to the tune of about $6 a month.

Moan and groan if you like, but face the facts: living is getting more expensive.

We can’t expect our utility providers to find money on trees any more often than we do ourselves.

The office has good leadership, and we trust that if they say they’ve exhausted all other options, they probably have.

So, skip the lunch out with friends one day a month and put that money toward your water bill.

To be the first increase in 12 years, this one simply isn’t that big.