Cathedral celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Published 2:27 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Homework passes, no uniforms and a chance to beat the teachers at volleyball—that’s what Student Appreciation Day is all about at Cathedral School.

Tuesday was the second day of Catholic Schools Week at CHS.

To celebrate, the faculty and students gathered in the Roy Garcia gymnasium to watch CHS seniors play against teachers and faculty in a volleyball tournament.

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Teachers shared their thoughts on what they thought Catholic Schools Week and Student Appreciation Day were about.

Karen Foley is the school’s librarian and was a line judge during the tournament.

“It’s just a day we set aside to recognize the blessing that our students are to us,” Foley said.

Biology teacher Denise Thibodeaux said her first Catholic Schools Week at CHS was “different in activities we have but the same in spirit.”

Thibodeaux transferred from St. Joseph’s in Jackson this year.

“To me, (Catholic Schools Week) is a spirit of community and faith that we share with the students,” she said. “A lot of them feel like all we do is give them assignments so this is a way to show them that their teachers love them and God does too.”

But some students had their own things to say about what Student Appreciation Day and the tournament meant to them.

Senior Alex Nickels said the tournament was the final event before graduating seniors have with the teachers that put them at the same level.

“We can brag on it for the rest of the year,” Nickels said.

The senior girls beat the lady faculty members 15-5 during the first part of the tournament.

“The lady teachers went out with valor,” Pat Junkin said laughing. “But in the end, age won over beauty.”

While the senior girls played their opponents, the boys were in the locker room planning a strategy and sharing their thoughts on the day and the game.

“It’s always a nice opportunity when you can embarrass the Cathedral faculty,” Senior Jacob Cowart said. “The main point of us being here is to have a good time with each other and of course it feels good to win.”

Senior boys beat the men faculty 15-8.

Other events this week:

4 CHS retreat team will host Harmony Day during school hours and there will be an open house for prospective and current parents, alumni and friends to tour the campus from 4:30-6 p.m. Wednesday.

4 Thursday seventh graders will serve as host to community leaders for lunch and a tour of the campus.

Fourth-grade students will dress as characters from books they’ve read and present their characters during the day.

4 Friday is Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day.

Cathedral School’s faculty and staff will be treated to a lunch hosted by the CHS school board.