Water Works plans are questionable

Published 10:23 am Friday, February 2, 2007

A recent series of articles about the Natchez Water Works puzzles me. One article said that cost had gone up and the waterworks needs more money.

Thursday’s article “Water Works to expand” makes me wonder. The statement was quoted that the waterworks could provide sewage instead of septic tanks.

What the waterworks will provide if the Legislature approves this, is a sewage bill to go along with the water bill. Then construction will start on the sewage lines and lift station and etc., at taxpayer expense. The sewage will not be provided for five years because of the process involved in construction of something like this. Ask the people who lived in Morgantown on Brookfield, Mt. Carmel and Oakland at the time they were added to the city sewage.

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In the meantime, the water patrons will be paying sewage fees and still be on septic tanks. Also, all city taxpayers will be burdened with the increased water rates to pay for the bonds and expenses of construction of the sewage lines and lift stations.

Show us the money. That is, show us a projected profit and loss statement for doing this. How much new revenue will be generated to offset the expenses of doing this!

And you people in Beau Pre beware. This is a side step to get the annexation and increased taxes that you do not want. This diversion is later going to be used as leverage to move annexation forward. Are our alderman setting us up for a hidden agenda?

W. Bryon Garrity Jr.

Natchez resident