Election cost well worth the price

Published 4:48 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Like the five-stone diamond engagement ring, some things are just worth the cost in the end.

The 2007 Adams County election is shaping up to be a jewel of a race, but like all good stones, this one will cost us.

With approximately 50 candidates signed up to compete for various positions, elections commissioners have already begun to think about what it will take to pull off this election.

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The county will have to hire poll workers to man two primaries and the November general election. Any runoffs — almost inevitable with so many candidates — will be extra expenses.

Poll workers alone will likely cost between $14,000 and $20,000.

But it is not the ring you are paying for, correct?

A jam-packed ballot shows an interest in local government, community concern and a healthy democracy.

Without these factors our county would be a dying one. Instead, our citizens have shown themselves to be the non-apathetic, driver’s seat type of folks.

We’ll gladly fork over the dough needed to carry out the upcoming election because it is more than a one-time cost; it is our community.

The five-stone diamond ring: $2,299.99.

Our future: Priceless.