Cruelty to animals same as to humans

Published 11:56 pm Sunday, June 10, 2007

We don’t ask ourselves a simple question often enough.

When a person is shot, stabbed, poisoned or murdered we call out the police, the sheriff, the FBI and the CSI and the media. We scream for justice.

However, when an innocent, defenseless cat who like to watch birds, chase butterflies, bask in the sun and purr while cuddled in a warm lap, is shot point blank with a shotgun, people turn their heads away. This cat did not have a malicious bone in its body, nor did it wish to harm any human or other cat. His death was slow and painful, yet people say, “It’s no big deal. It’s just a cat.”

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I believe that it is a huge deal to God when we allow a small, defenseless being to be used as target practice for future criminals. I am a Christian and I weep for the ignorance of humans who bend God’s laws to fit their perspective. The Bible teaches us that God loves animals and people alike. To allow the dispassionate few to deliberately kill innocent animals and go without punishment is as horrific as allowing them to get away with the murder of humans.

A life is a life no matter the form. There are animal protection laws on the books to pacify the vocal minority who are against animal cruelty and who demand justice for those who cannot speak for themselves. But these laws are for all of us. We are responsible for obeying the law and reporting those who do not.

Throughout the Bible, God speaks of giving us wisdom to do what is right. Killing is wrong. If we seek severe punishment for those who harm a human, yet do not condemn those who kill defenseless animals simply because they have the power to do so, are we not sending a very wrong message?