End the pool politics madness

Published 12:29 am Tuesday, July 3, 2007

All of the splashing around over the Ferriday pool fiasco needs to end — preferably before the whole mess has to go to court.

The fate of the decrepit facility has now reached new depths as the Town of Ferriday and the Concordia Recreation District No. 1 try and dunk one another in the deep end of the political pool.

Ferriday Mayor Gene Allen reopened the pool, deemed unsafe in 2005 and closed permanently then, earlier this summer.

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What has ensued is a classic small-town politic crowding out good, common sense.

The water is fine, Allen says.

The facility is unsafe, recreation district officials say, pointing to nasty bathroom facilities, standing water in a dressing room and other issues.

Recreation district leaders brought in an out-of-town pool expert who performed a thorough inspection of the pool and determined it should have never been opened.

The district cut the electricity to the pool. The mayor had it reconnected.

The district put new locks on the pool; the mayor had them cut off. The bickering has risen to the level that the recreation district has filed a restraining order to prevent the town from continuing to operate the pool.

Although the pool remains open for now, the fate of the restraining order will head to court on Thursday.

This madness needs to end.

Anyone who isn’t looking through the rose-colored glasses that Mayor Allen seems to be wearing would be concerned for the safety and welfare of children at that pool.

Quit throwing water at one another and let’s worry about the welfare of the children who are being put at risk for the sake of political gain.