Vote; you can make a difference

Published 11:41 pm Thursday, July 26, 2007

It has been four years since my younger brother Spanky Felter became Supervisor of District 5. I want to thank God first of all for the four extra years of life that he has given to each of us since the last election. Time goes by so fast.

Four years ago, I asked my brother Spanky why he wanted to be a county supervisor. I gave him every reason why I thought he shouldn’t run for this office. I still remember his words, “I want to try to help make a difference in Adams County.”

Personally, both my brother and I know if it is God’s will, nothing is impossible to achieve with God’s help. But we must do our part. With hard work, determination, research, God’s help and knowing we gave 110 percent to achieve our goals. If I were grading you, Spanky, for the job you have done for each of us in Adams County, I would grade you 110 percent for your efforts, abilities, research, hard work — for your standing up and questioning, things you feel like are not right before voting either “yes” or “no” before considering what’s best for everyone.

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I’m not in District 5, but if I were, Spanky would definitely have my vote. I heard a man say, “You don’t unhitch the horses in a middle of a stream when they’re moving forward.” I agree and I say, “We need to unhitch when the time is right from the ones that hold us back.”

We all need to elect officials with grounded morals. Hear this good, when taxes were raised, two supervisors, Spanky Felter and Henry Watts, voted against this increase on your taxes. When supervisors voted for themselves a pay raise, Spanky and Henry voted against themselves a raise because the people, “you” Adams County taxpayers will pay for their raises. There is a time and place for all things. The county’s financial status should be priority of what taxpayers can afford. Everyone would like a raise. There is a time for everything. But we do not need to rob taxpayers to pay supervisors.

Like the saying goes, don’t rob from Peter to pay Paul. Special thanks to you for the extra money Adams County received at the equipment auction for not just giving one equipment away but taking the time to research to know values in order for us in Adams County to receive our best return on money put back in office. I challenge all citizens to read the minutes of the way our county’s business is voted on.

Adams County realizes there are five supervisors. They all need to take a stand and vote for what’s right, taking the time to read and review before just voting yes or no. For all the few elected officials that do this we thank you. I pray that God will give all the elected officials the abilities, honesty and integrity to lead not only our county but all of our countries forward to do what’s right for all of our people and not just for themselves. We must all work together for the good. So now, you’re the man or woman that can make a difference. Go vote on Aug. 7 for the candidate that you think will do the best jobs, that will give their 110 percent to represent all of us.

Marilyn Felter Alexander

Natchez resident