Political involvement can’t die

Published 11:51 pm Wednesday, August 8, 2007

For all but a handful of people in an upstairs room of the Adams County courthouse, Tuesday’s monumental election is over.

The winners aren’t yet final — officials have to count approximately 2,000 more ballots — but the campaigning and the voting is done.

Nothing can be done to change the outcome now, and like it or not, it’s time to move on.

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Regardless of which candidates come out on top, Adams County’s democracy had a screaming victory Tuesday. Nearly half the registered voters spoke their minds, participated in government and helped to shape the future of our county for years to come.

But now the goal is a common one. Local politics shouldn’t be about Eddie Walker or Binkey Vines, or Mike Smith versus Mike Lazarus. The goal is the betterment of Adams County, and dueling factions won’t take us anywhere.

Our new leaders and their defeated opponents must join together with residents to make the best choices for our future. Voters need to support their leaders, hold them accountable and stay involved.

The election is over — except for some runoff elections — but the political involvement can’t die.

Improving our county will take everyone, and everyone must become a united force.