Domestic violence must end

Published 11:07 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don’t stare. Don’t ask questions. It’s not your problem. It’s a family matter. Or is it?

Is domestic violence just a “family matter” something that’s not really to be discussed openly? We think not.

Somewhere between nosiness and concern is a fine, but important line.

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A recent study ranks Louisiana and Mississippi as the third and fourth, respectively, in the states with the highest level of women murdered by men.

It’s a horrible list on which to be among the leaders.

Unfortunately, all too often signs of abuse go unnoticed, or at least not acted upon by people close to the victims.

Our area has seen cases of just this kind of thing. A few days ago, our community experienced what authorities said was a murder committed by a woman of the man she was dating.

Neighbors and relatives have said the arrested woman and her now dead companion had a history of violence.

The violence must end.

These cases illustrate a point that what can sometimes look like a minor dispute can quickly escalate into a situation with deadly consequences.

If you see something that looks suspicious, don’t sit on your hands and do nothing.


Get involved.

Talk to the victim.

Call the police if necessary.

But don’t become the person who later says, “If I’d only done something maybe this wouldn’t have happened.”