City will weather hospital woes

Published 12:18 am Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A drop of water in a glass makes a bigger impact than a drop in a lake.

When the drop is more like a hurricane, the glass is going to blow all over the place.

The same logic applies to small communities and big news.

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Rumors of serious troubles at Natchez Regional Medical Center are at least three weeks old.

At least a few employees have lost their jobs unexpectedly. And most everyone knows the hospital has struggled financially in the past.

Now that the hospital board has met and acknowledged that the current financial concerns are very real, the hurricane winds have begun.

Because Natchez is a small community largely impacted by the success of a hospital like Natchez Regional Medical Center, we are going to be tossed around more than a larger city would be.

At this point, private citizens can do little to help the situation other than, perhaps, supporting the hospital and quickly paying the bill.

But when you can’t do anything about it, there’s no since in panicking.

As hospital board members hash out the details, the rest of us are left to wait.

We have to trust at this point that the board will handle things openly and honestly.

The full story will unfold in the days ahead, and our community will deal with whatever storms come.

We’ve survived a few before.

They’ve only made us stronger.