Choose your party

Published 12:29 am Saturday, March 8, 2008

NATCHEZ — Mississippi primary elections are Tuesday, and there may be some confusion about the voting process.

Election commission chairman Larry Gardner said in Mississippi, no one is registered by party. As long as a voter is registered, they can vote for whichever party they want.

At the voting precinct, there will be a Democratic booth and a Republican booth, Gardner said.

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Voters enter the booth and will use a touch screen system.

The candidates’ names will appear on a touch screen.

Once the candidate is chosen, an X will appear by their name and a hard copy of the ballot will be printed so the voter can double check the information. If it’s correct, the voter will push the button that says “cast” on the voting machine to cast the ballot.

Under the Mississippi voting system, a run-off is the only time voters are restricted by party. They must vote in the same party they voted in during the general election.

Gardner said there may be a run-off on the Republican ballot for the position of Congressional District Number 3 because there are seven candidates running.

If a voter votes Republican in this primary, they can vote again.

“If they vote Democrat in the primary they can’t vote in the run off,” Gardner said.

This relates only to this position, it does not relate to the presidential primaries.

In the general election, you can vote for multiple parties, not just Republican and Democrat. Gardner said many people don’t participate in elections because they are not sure how they system works, but that it is very simple.

Voting will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 20 different precincts.

The precincts are:

Adams County Courthouse, 115 S. Wall St.

By-Pass Fire Station, 467 John R. Junkin Drive.

Elks Lodge, 241 Lower Woodville Road.

Duncan Park Canteen, 57 Duncan Park Road.

Church of Christ, 2 Beau Pre Road.

Miss National Guard Armory, 329 Liberty Road.

Kingston Fire Station, 575 Kingston Road.

Christian Hope Baptist Church, 301 LaSalle St.

Maryland Heights Rec. Building, 111 Dumas Drive.

David R. Steckler Multi-Purpose Building, 311 Liberty Road.

Liberty Road Volunteer Fire Department, 1196 Liberty Road.

J.L. Frazier School, 145 George F. West Blvd.

Thompson Headstart, 10378 N. Union St.

Rose Hill Baptist Church, 607 1/2 Madison St.

District 4 County Barn, 176 Foster Mound Road.

Morgantown School, 101 Cottage Home Drive.

Lovely Lane Methodist Church, 65 Morgantown Road.

New Hope Baptist Church, 417 Morgantown Road.

District 5 Fire Station, 228 Foster Mound Road.

Airport, 434 Airport Road.