Keep complaining about gas prices

Published 12:12 am Friday, June 6, 2008

It’s summertime. It’s supposed to be time for lots of kids to have fun in the sun with softball, tennis, swimming and many other sports. But how are the kids going to be able to get to the practice fields, courts and pools with fuel prices being on the rise again and again and again.

There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight to the plight of the everyday person with gas eating away at the paychecks. If things keep going like they are, we will have people running out of gas on the highways in the hottest months of the year and some could even succumb to the heat while waiting for help. Is this what it is going to take to get someone to stop this insanity?

The stimulus checks aren’t helping many businesses. The money is going out to the pumps every day so that the oil moguls can make more and more. How are people supposed to pay day care, gas and bills on minimum wage paychecks?

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OK, so we have all asked these questions in the past few months. We have discussed this with friends and neighbors. Congress has attempted to discuss this with the leading oil company executives. But of course that didn’t get very far when we take into consideration how many of our people in Washington have major investments in their companies. So what is the answer? It seems like a simple one actually, but I don’t think it is going to happen. Congress could stop it in it’s tracks and tell them they can’t make this kind of profit. Could it be possible for each individual city to vote a ceiling price on fuel? Or each state? I sure don’t have the answers, but we sure need to find some, and soon.

I know that I am not voicing anything that hasn’t already been said but felt the need to ask people to write their congressmen again and again. Don’t stop complaining about it or it will never come to an end. If things keep up at the rate they are going, summer will be gone, and we won’t be worrying about where our kids will play on vacation. The next problem will be our teachers. They won’t be able to drive to school to teach our children without getting a pay raise. The domino affect is once again in play … can anyone stop it?

Kathy Sills

Natchez resident