Superintendent Anthony Morris appointed as licensure

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 25, 2008

NATCHEZ — On Friday, one Natchez-Adams School District administrator was given a little more responsibility to attend to.

District Superintendent Anthony Morris was appointed to the Commission on Teacher and Administrator Licensure and Certification and Development board.

And to match the lengthy title, the new appointment comes with new responsibility.

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Bureau Director of the Office of Educator Licensure Cindy Coon said those on the commission will be making important decisions that impact the state.

“It’s a big deal,” Coon said.

The commission has the power to act on any matter related to the licensure of teachers and administrators across the state.

In addition, the commission has the power to appoint committees to study various issues, implement new programs and regulate testing that’s used to gauge teacher performance.

The commission also has the power to suspend, terminate or deny the license of teachers and administrators across the state.

And all the decisions made by the commission go directly to the state board.

“The decisions they make are especially important to educators and administrators,” Coon said. “They’re determining the quality of the teachers and administrators in our schools.”

Morris said even though his appointment to the board comes with great responsibility, he’s looking forward to working with the 15-member commission.

“It’s a big responsibility,” Morris said. “But it’s one the board takes very seriously.”

And while Morris’ work on the commission doesn’t begin until November, he said he’s eager to start.

And it was only last month when Morris learned he’d been nominated by fellow board member Daphne Buckley.

“I was excited,” Morris said of his nomination. “And I was a little surprised.”

Morris said he expects some of his first responsibilities with the board will be attending hearings to discuss teachers accused of various violations.

After that Morris said one of the board’s main goals will be revising licensure requirements for teachers to be come certified.

And when Morris attends his first commission meeting on Nov. 6, he’ll hit the ground running.

The meeting’s 15-point agenda is scheduled to cover topics from clarification on qualifications for special education instructors to increasing course loads for supplemental endorsements.