No hospital news released yet

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NATCHEZ — It will be at least one more week before the Adams County supervisors learn the future of the county’s hospital.

In a brief meeting on Monday, the supervisors met with Natchez Regional Medical Center’s CEO for a status check on the sale of the hospital.

After citing sale of public property and possible litigation, the supervisors conducted the meeting in executive session.

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When the meeting concluded, CEO Scott Phillips said the meeting did not end with a recommendation as to which bidder would best suit the needs of the hospital.

Phillips said it will be Monday before he meets jointly with the supervisors and the Hospital Board of Trustees to recommend which bidder he believes will best suit the county’s needs.

And Phillips still hasn’t divulged the names of those bidding on the facility or the amounts they’ve bid.

Phillips said releasing that information could hinder his ability to negotiate with buyers as the process progresses.

Supervisor Mike Lazarus said while he understands the need not to release the information he’s still curious about the bidders.

“I’m anxious,” Lazarus said. “I want to know, but we’ll all have to wait until next week.”

In recent months it was learned the hospital was quickly losing money and was in debt to several of its vendors. Since then the supervisors hired Phillips to restructure and manage the sale of the hospital. The hospital is being sold on Phillips’ recommendation.