Smoking ban needs quick decision

Published 12:29 am Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not much about governing a city is easy.

Tight budgets, long to-do lists, complaints here and there sometimes make progress slow.

But good leaders know how to pick their battles and make quick work of the easy things.

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The restaurant smoking ban aldermen have been tossing around for months now is a no-brainer.

Just pass it.

Smoking kills, we know that. Second-hand smoke can kill, or at best, be totally disgusting.

Many local restaurants have already banned smoking inside their buildings. And often, even the smokers realize that they simply just need to go outside.

At a meeting last week, tourism and business leaders agreed that any proposed ban should come from Natchez leaders before the state legislature mandates it anyway.

So, what’s the holdup?

Like Alderman Ricky Gray has said, Natchez is behind the times on this.

The city has given business owners and city residents ample time to voice their concerns.

It’s time to bring the issue up for a vote.

We hope the smoking ban is on the agenda at the next aldermen meeting, and we hope the ban passes so fast that it leaves nothing but a trail of smoke.